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Nothing says summer to me more than freshly picked vegetables on the table. I remember being a kid and pulling carrots right out of the ground, hosing them off, and chowing down. SO fresh and sweet. Having a summer garden is not only super healthy for your diet, it is super healthy for your body and mind too. Gardening is relaxing. There is a certain zen like feeling when ones hands are in the earth. The hot sun, warm soil, and the sounds and smells of nature are just amazing.

If you have the space and most of you do, why not start off small? Just a 10 by 10 foot square or better yet a smaller raised plant bed. A raised planter bed is easier on the knees and back if that is a concern for you.

Not sure what to plant or when to start? Here is a quick when and how to, for our garden zone.

If you are a beginner, start small. Most people try too many different plants and quickly get overwhelmed. They grow fast and some spread out like crazy. One zucchini seed can produce more zucchini than you can eat.

Step One – Make sure you start your garden in full sun. You need 6 full hours, 8 is better.
Step Two – You need good loose soil. You can grab a soil kit from almost any garden center to check your soil type. Veges can grow in almost anything so don't get too hung up on this.
Step Three – Don't plant near a ton of roots or too close to the house. Your plants should not compete with trees for nutrients and planting up against the house is never a good idea. Gutters overflowing with water can kill your whole garden and you will not have enough sun once the sun starts to turn.
Step Four – WATER – It is very hard to over water your garden. Especially in the beginning, keep it damp. Not a flood, but damp. The summer sun dries soil fast.
Step Five – Read your seed packets. They will tell you exactly when you should plant and then when to harvest. They make it real simple. Just look up our zone, and plant accordingly. (We are in zone 6A by the way) We are past the last frost so plant away!

Gardening really is a wonderful activity you can do alone or with your spouse or grandkids. Just start small and enjoy the vegetables of your labor!