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With our first major storm behind us and another one set to hit Monday, snow safety is a hot topic right now. Especially for residents who are a bit older and cannot handle the footage of snow being dropped on us. Wind chills in the single digits, sheets of ice covering every driveway and walk, and of course the removal of all this snow spells problems for our seniors. Here are some tips to help you get through these snowy months.

1. Do Not Shovel – PLEASE let your grandson or the neighbor’s son or daughter come and do it. Also go to Craigslist.com for people offering their shoveling skills. Most churches have volunteers who will come and help too. You have earned your rest, let the kids handle this one.

2. Salt, Salt, Salt. So many accidents occur every day from slipping on ice. Even if the walk seems clear, sprinkle a bit more in the morning. Black ice is invisible and forms overnight.

3. Stay indoors on days when it drops below freezing. Just don’t – it is too cold.

4. Keep up on the news. Storms form fast and if you haven’t watched the TV in a couple days, turn it on. You should be prepared days before a storm.

5. If the power goes out be careful with alternate heating methods. Burning wood, natural gas, kerosene and other fuels produces a deadly gas that you cannot see or smell called carbon monoxide. Unless fireplaces, wood and gas stoves and gas appliances are properly vented, cleaned, and used, they can leak dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide. These and other appliances, such as kerosene and electric heaters, can also be fire hazards.

6. Stay off the roads if possible. While I think it ridiculous they can ban driving and issue tickets, I think we should respect what the plows do and stay home as long as we can. Driving during the winter can be hazardous for anyone. But it is especially dangerous for older people, who may not drive as often anymore or whose reflexes may not be as quick as they once were. Get your car serviced before wintertime hits — or ask a family member to bring it to a garage for you. Checking things like the oil, tires, battery and wipers can make a big difference on winter roads. Also make sure your AAA membership is up-to-date in case of emergencies.

7. Winter months can get boring and lonely to some living alone so it is important to make sure you keep in contact with family and friends. The internet is a wonderful way to connect and keep yourself busy. There are a ton of classes anyone can take to show you how. It is quite simple.

8. Don’t go the storm alone. Invite people over if you do not want to leave or stay with family and friends. Never be isolated during a storm. There is safety and sanity in numbers.

Be safe everyone!