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The New Year is nearly upon us. When the clock strikes 12, a “fresh start” mind set seems to take hold. This will be the year. This is the year I go back to school, this is the year I will start my own business, this is the year I will join a gym and get in shape, and this is the year I will retire. If the last is your goal, did I mention I know a great over 55 retirement community called Pine Hill Estates in Raynham, MA?

My point being, ringing in the New Year tends to get people in motion. Now, I realize that more than half of New Year resolutions go by the way side or just don’t come to fruition. We easily side back into our 2014 lives and schedules. But, what about the half that do follow through with their resolutions? I know I am definitely one of the sliders, but what if this year I wasn’t…

I am already under the fresh start spell and it isn’t even New Year’s yet! Maybe that’s a good thing. So Pine Hillers, here it is “the big question” – What is your 2015 resolution?

Too tough this soon to answer? How about commenting and just finishing these questions?

I’d like to take a class and learn how to:
I’d like to join a:
I will spend more time doing:
A project I’m going to finish is:
I am not going to:

I’ll be the first to comment and hopefully you will follow my lead.

I wish you the happiest of New Years and I hope all of your resolutions follow through!