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Relieving Arthritis Pain

Do you know that your everyday activities could be making your arthritis pain worse? From weight gain to not getting enough sleep, your lifestyle choices could be doing more harm to your joints than you realize.

Take charge and follow these simple tips to improve your quality of life.

Weight Gain –
Being overweight can cause a significant amount of pressure on your joints. If you are overweight, one of the best ways to reduce pain is by taking off excess pounds. Having extra weight increases the load that you put on your joints with every step you take. Over time, that extra weight makes you much more prone to developing pain and can cause your arthritis to progress more rapidly, leading to more pain once it has developed.

Repetitive Motion –
The tasks we do throughout the workday can make it hard to control pain. This is especially true when those tasks involve repetitive joint motions. If you find yourself stuck in the same spot for more than an hour, get up and move around for a minute or two. If you are typing on the keyboard, give your fingers a break every few minutes. Don’t let your muscles get used to what you are doing, shake it up and decrease the pain.

Increase your Vitamin D –
You may not be avoiding vitamin D, but if you religiously wear sunblock and don’t eat a lot of eggs and dairy, you probably aren’t getting enough. Research shows that if you don’t get enough vitamin D, you are at greater risk for joint pain and arthritis. Consider taking a supplement as well as increasing it in your daily diet.

Get Good Sleep –
Seems like an easy one, but most people young to old, simply don’t get enough. A lack of sleep and arthritis make a terrible combination. Studies show that people who are sleep deprived are more likely to report all kinds of pains. For people with arthritis, sleep is a challenge as joint pain can wake you up. Talk to your doctor about a mild sleep aid to help you get much needed Zzzzz’s.