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Has anyone read the book titled “Older And Happier!” by Dag Sebastian Ahlander? It’s a great read filled with 109 smart ideas for living life to the fullest. He spins it with some inspiring and amusing advice for men in the post retirement age. It’s about living the good life from his perspective as a content and cheerful older man.

Here are a few points he touches on, heed his sound advice!

1. Steer clear of your adult children’s big problems.
You’ll just lose sleep. But do help them with the small stuff—you have the time now for practicalities; they don’t.

2. Just be happy and smile – all the time.
Smile and people will smile back at you. A red bow tie helps!

3. Resolve Your Feelings of Guilt and Bitterness
Mend your relationships or forget and move on is the idea. Many times there is nothing that can be done. Let it go.

4. Now is the Time to Do All The Things You Have Always Wanted To Do.
As this sign I saw in a window last week says: this is not your practice life. Focus on the possibilities not the challenges. Travel, write a book, start a business, learn something new, the possibilities are endless. Only you can stop you.  Stay engaged and have some fun!

5. Tell Your Life Stories
Write a book, tell your friends, start a blog are all ways to get your Boomer Stories out there. It will be rewarding and fun for you and others also enjoy hearing them.

6. Grow Your Garden
There is something very therapeutic and rewarding about growing a garden. Start with two simple 4X4 foot square gardens and grow tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and lettuce. Gives you something to look forward everyday and gets you outside plus rewards you with the bounty!

7. Stops Acting Too Rationally
Not everything needs to be planned out. Be spontaneous once in a while. Do stuff you can do now, before it’s too late. No regrets.

8. Shush
You don’t have to comment on everything. Life is supposed to be lived, not commented upon.

9. Quit trying to micro-manage
Don’t become a Micro Management Guru. Don’t try to reorganize your wife’s kitchen, where you have never done a thing during your active years.

10. Best advice at any age
Remember, time may be short, but life is long. It’s high time to count your blessings and forget the rest. The choice is yours!

After researching this book and blog post, I realized there is a second book, “Older and Wiser” I am going to have to pick that one up next and see what else Mr. Ahlander has to say.