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Make Your Valentine’s Day Unique

Feb 09 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Don't get me wrong, flowers and chocolates are lovely and traditional V day gifts. No matter what, they will make you smile and feel all warm and rosy inside. If you are looking for something a bit different though, we've got some ideas for you. While I love roses, giving them to my husband does […]

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Baby, It’s cold outside – so let’s read a book…

Jan 28 , 2017 0 Comment blog

The January freeze is now here. Temps are dropping and no one wants to go outside for any extended period. Being shut in does have its drawbacks like boredom, but to the avid book reader, there is no shortage of new titles to take in on a cold day. There are tons of websites you […]

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Inauguration Time Is Here

Jan 20 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Whether you like him for his unorthodox views or you can't stand him, Donald Trump WILL be our next President and his term starts today. The official swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. on Friday on the West Front of the Capitol overlooking the Mall. Most of the nation’s dignitaries will be […]

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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Jan 09 , 2017 0 Comment blog

It goes without saying that you need to be extra careful this time of year. Especially after a snowstorm and the frigid temps that follow, safety is prime concern. In good weather it can be hard to keep our seniors safe so add ice, cold, and winter and the risk goes up. Living in a […]

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Party Games to ring in the New Year!

Dec 31 , 2016 0 Comment blog

More and more people are opting to stay home tonight and for good reason. It is safer, cheaper, and more fun! Want to have a great New Years? Invite a bunch of friends over, make some easy apps, and play some super fun games while waiting for the ball to drop. You can easily make […]

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Where to see the lights!

Dec 21 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Piling the family in the car to go see Christmas lights is one of the oldest and happiest traditions around. Driving around your town is sure to reveal some over the top houses, but where do you go for the wow factor? I am sure you know of the most popular ones, but here is […]

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Get your home ready for winter now!

Dec 15 , 2016 0 Comment blog

It has been all over the news…the polar vortex is set to arrive tonight and with it, freezing temps. Things are going to get really cold so today is a good day to button up all those loose ends around the house. I am talking below freezing with wind chills -10 to -20. It will […]

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Homemade Tree Decorations

Dec 01 , 2016 0 Comment blog

While there are plenty of beautiful ornaments available at any store, it is more fun to make them and it keeps your tree more personal. You will end up making your ornaments from items in your yard and home and you cannot get more personal than that! Plus it is a fun way to spend […]

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Black Friday Guide

Nov 23 , 2016 0 Comment blog

We are almost there – Black Friday 2016! While most of us are getting food ready today, many are thinking of their black Friday plan and how to score the best deals. It can be kind of tricky with all the ads saying when stores are open as we have the Blue Law here. The […]

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Trump On Guns

Nov 18 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Regardless of your vote, Trump is the new president and he is not going anywhere. Things have calmed down a bit by now and instead of complaining people are now starting to wonder what his take on policy will be. Will he be like every other president elect and change his tune once he has […]

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