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May 01 , 2017 0 Comment blog

OH, It is WaterFire season again! I love early summer as it means basins will soon be lit and gondola's will be floating by. If you have never been this is, in my opinion, one of the best attractions around. You will love the atmosphere, the vendors, the food, and just the general beauty of […]

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Summer Movie Season

Apr 30 , 2017 0 Comment blog

It is almost blockbuster time! Each year, when summer rolls round, you can be sure we are in for some great new movie releases and this season is no exception. We are finally having a summer without another Avenger movie and in it's place are some great options. I do have to say I am […]

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Smart Ways to Spend That Tax Refund

Apr 24 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Some people by now have their returns, others are waiting for the direct deposit notification or the check in the mailbox. Once you get your refund though, what should you do with it? Save it? Have fun? Invest? There are many avenues to take and none of these are wrong. Which one is the smartest […]

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Best Sites for Yard Sales

Apr 14 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Yard Sale season is upon us! The weather is turning, leaves and flowers are sprouting, and yard sale signs are being posted. Some people make it a sport to visit as many sales as they can on the weekends while others just stop when they see one. Whether you are an avid yard saler or […]

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Perfect Easter Sunday

Apr 07 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Easter is surely on it's way. This festive holiday is a favorite in our house and we love to go all out with hunts, activities, baskets, and of course good food and family. I can think of no better blog this week than one filled with what we serve and plan on this special day. […]

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Ultimate Waterfalls Right Here In Massachusetts

Mar 30 , 2017 0 Comment blog

When you think waterfalls, one does not necessarily think of Massachusetts as a place to see them. I know I didn't, but then a friend told me of a road trip she took that visited a bunch of the waterfalls right here in our state. I was shocked as I had no idea, but sure […]

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Spring Planting Guide

Mar 21 , 2017 0 Comment blog

April is nearly here and that means Spring planting. The soil is warming and now is the best time to plant your vegetable seeds now that the last frost has happened. Start planting both bush and pole beans now that the soil and air are warmed up. Beets and broccoli are next to be planted. […]

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Spring Organization

Mar 10 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Even though snow is falling outside, Spring is just 10 days away. What would New England be without one last punch of snow before we roar into Spring? I am not sure about you, but when I think Spring, I think Spring cleaning and organization is a huge part of that. There are a ton […]

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Think Spring

Mar 03 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Blessed Spring, it is less than 3 weeks away. March 20th to be exact. What does this mean for you… Spring Preparation! I am not talking outside, I am talking indoor spring cleaning! Am I the only one who gets excited about this? Throwing the windows open and cleaning out the closets just puts me […]

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Seniors and filing taxes

Feb 27 , 2017 0 Comment blog

There is so much you need to know, take into consideration, and be wary of when doing your yearly taxes. It becomes even more complex when you are a senior. Making sure you are up to date on the latest tax laws and staying clear of scams can be daunting and hard to navigate. Hiring […]

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