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With winter storm Juno bearing down and blizzard warnings all over the TV, we're all thinking the same thing – the power is going to go out. We are northerners, so we can certainly deal with it, but it can get REAL boring heading into day 2 powerless.

Need some ideas to keep the boredom at bay? Try some of these or comment some of your own time passing cures.

Cards – Now before you say – yeah obvious – the day before the storm, go online and print out some instructions to some games you have never played before. There are literally hundreds and learning a few new card games will not only pass the time, but keep it fun and new.

Board Games – Again, the day before the storm, go grab a few new games you’ve been meaning to try. Scrabble by candlelight can be very romantic.

Movies – Before the power goes, charge up all those devices. Portable DVD players, tablets, laptops. If you ration your usage or have a small generator that will charge these devices, you can watch movies for days.

Books – This is my go to – Download some new titles or stop by your local library and stock up. Grab some blankets and get lost in your fav. story. Pick a tropical setting if you can.

Exercise – Okay – not that fun – but you’re bored remember?

Play music – you need something to break up the snow silence.

Catch up on housework – You are stuck in there anyway, clean out those closets, scrub the floors, organize the garage. Really, when else will you have a block of time like this?

Paint or Color – Studies have shown that both of these activities relieve stress and make you happy. Paint a lovely snow scene, you will have plenty of material to work with.

Sleep – sleep in, take a nap, go to bed early – why not? Sleep is soooo gooood.

Eat – That fridge is going to lose its cool – Munch Munch

Play hide and seek – I know this is a child’s game, but you are never too old to play. You will have a blast and pass some time.

Tell scary stories – Sit around a candle and scare the crap out of each other. Then take heart that monsters probably can’t stomp through the 2 feet of snow piling up outside.

Dance in the dark like Bruce Springsteen. Like a boss.

Build a massive Pillow and Couch fort – don’t pretend you didn’t just get a bit excited.

And the very best one – spend time with your family and loved ones. A few days without all the technology and the crazy go go lives we all lead really will be wonderful. Hugs and cuddles for days – the very best time passer.

Stay safe and warm everyone!