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Did you know that 6 out of 10 falls happen at home? Many falls can be prevented by making some simple changes n your home and yard.

  1. Install handrails and grab bars. People underestimate how fall-preventative these can be. They are easily installed and very affordable. You can pick them up in almost any hardware store. Install them in places like your bathroom, all stairwells and staircases, near your bed, etc.. Install any place you go up and down a lot.
  2. Improve your lighting. A nightlight down the hall will prevent you from tripping over anything left about on your way to the bathroom at 2 am. Lights on stairwells and on all porches will again guide you more safely to where you need to go. Keep extra bulbs on hand at all times.
  3. Another major concern is improperly tacked down carpeting and area rugs. If you do not have wall to wall carpeting in your home, somewhere in your home lays an area rug. If these rugs are not properly tacked down or grip padded, invest in some quality non-slip padding and tacks.
  4. Winter is coming so be prepared with salt for your walkways. I know this is a given in New England, but many people do not realize they have walked on black ice until it is too late. Salt daily in cold weather.
  5. Place a telephone and lamp right next to your bed and couch.
  6. In your kitchen, install mats near the sink and fridge. Keep daily items in easy reach to avoid stretching and reaching.
  7. Wear non-skid shoes and slippers. Grandchildren love to give their grandparents slippers and robes. Make sure those slippers have some type of grip so you avoid sliding down the hall and landing on the floor.

You may be retired, but you are probably busier now than you have ever been. Don’t let a fall, that can be easily prevented, get in your way. Make these simple changes and enjoy your home and retirement!

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