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Having an AAA card seems like a no brainer right? A lot of people do have them, but a lot still don’t. The nominal yearly fee is pretty affordable considering what you get, so if you haven’t signed up, I suggest you do so. The benefits go far beyond towing and your monthly magazine subscription. Most people leave the card tucked in their wallet and only whip it out for emergencies, but the benefits go way beyond that, and can really add up to some savings.

Battery Service – AAA offers a mobile battery service that not only tests and jumps your vehicle, but will also replace your battery on the spot. Technicians will travel anywhere you are and most AAA clubs offer this.

Guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificate – Nope, not kidding. If you're involved in a minor traffic violation, participating clubs can use the certificate instead of cash if the fine is $1,000 or less. Additionally, up to a $5,000 bail bond for covered traffic violations may also be available.

Prescriptions – Yep. AAA has a prescription savings program that is available at more than 58,000 pharmacies nationwide. You could get a 15% discount on Brand Name Meds and 35% on Generic Brands. This also applies to Pet Meds!

Travel – AAA has a full service travel agency that will assist you every step of the way in planning your trip. You’ll not only save time, but money too with their travel savings. Oh, and you can get a passport at many locations too!

Service Reminders – Need reminder help on when to change the oil? Rotate the Tires? AAA makes it easy to remember your vehicle maintenance dates. You just fill out a form and you will get an email reminder. They can also assist you with AAA approved auto service locations.

Auto Repairs – Speaking of repairs – Wave your card at an approved AAA repair shop and you could score yourself a discount. AAA approved shops and selected, screened, and inspected to ensure the very best in standard are upheld.

Shopping Discounts – Perhaps my favorite – So many retailers accept the AA card, that I cannot list them all. Target, Barnes and Noble are a good example though. Most people know that you can get discounts on hotels and museums, but shopping is something we all do almost every day – why not save a little here and a little there. It will add up to a whole little end of the year!

There are so many more benefits than what I list here, so go online to www.aaa.com to read all about the different types of membership and all the wonderful benefits you can enjoy.